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Auto Insurance ■ Health Insurance ​
Medicare ​■ Home Insurance
Life Insurance ■ ​Final Expense
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Auto Insurance ■ Health Insurance ​ ■  Medicare ​■ Home Insurance
Life Insurance ■ ​Final Expense ■  Burial Insurance ​■ Annuities 
As the marketing consultant for hundreds of insurance agents across America, I can confidently tell you three things about generating insurance leads online:
  • Your ideal prospect did not log on to Facebook or Instagram to learn about insurance today.
  • The leads you’re buying from brokers are not excited to be called by (yet another) insurance agent.
  • Buying clicks on Google is getting more and more expensive as “The Big Guys” continue moving their budgets around.
In a brainstorming meeting with a client I had a breakthrough idea that would forever change his business… it’s called the Giveaway Funnel
Here’s a short video demonstrating our famous marketing strategy:
Karlo S, San Diego
"I've been using Alex Branning and his team for online marketing and I gotta say I am really happy with their work so far to generate quality leads for my business. I can tell you confidently this strategy works. I’ve only been doing this since Friday and I already have 126 leads with 11 pre-qualified that want a free life insurance quote. You add in the automated emails and you have a lead generation system folks. I will be doing this every month. Why not? I’ve been in this industry for 14 years and it was time I graduated to the 21st century for marketing strategies. The customer service that Alex and his team bring to the table are exceptional!!"
What is The Giveaway Funnel
The Giveaway Funnel uses the Facebook Ad platform to deliver an offer to your ideal prospect (we can get really specific on who sees this ad… more on that later). The offer is a chance to win a really cool prize!

When your prospect clicks on the ad, we take them to a landing page where we share the information about the contest and encourage them to enter their contact information for a chance to win. All of the details are clearly spelled out, including the value of the prize and the day we’ll be picking a random winner.

After they enter their contact information, we take them to a page where we ask some short yes/no survey questions to determine if they’re a good lead for the insurance product you’re focusing on for this campaign.
On the third and final step of this funnel, we offer the entrant a chance to double their chances to win by sharing the contest to their friends AND we offer them an easy way to schedule an appointment with you so they can discuss the insurance product you were asking them questions about.

The entire process takes about 30 seconds for the entrant to fill out all of the information and complete the process.
Would You Like to Schedule a FREE Strategy Session, So That We Can Help You Understand How to Use The Giveaway Funnel?
You can setup a free strategy session phone call with a Branning Group team member so that we can answer your questions before you get started. On the call we will answer your questions, introduce you to the team members you'll be working with, and help you maximize your marketing campaign!  
For every person that enters into your giveaway, you’ll have a complete data set, including…
Phone Number
Answers to 
Survey Questions
Steve, Chicago
"I was concerned that the Giveaway Funnel would not bring me good clients. However, the survey questions really filtered out the leads that were not a good fit for me. I had a lot of great leads come through my first giveaway funnel, and I have a lot more contacts to follow up with!"
The fortune is in the follow up
Immediately upon entering the giveaway, they start receiving an eight-step email auto responder that we have had professionally crafted to get your ideal prospects to setup an appointment with you
Here’s the email sequence we’ve written out, you can see that we are working to nurture the lead first, and then ask for an appointment.
(all of these communications are sent automatically - we put you in a position to set an appointment with your prospect TEN TIMES in your follow-up!)
  • EMAIL ONE​- Thank them for entering your giveaway.
  • EMAIL TWO - Introduce yourself to your new prospect.
  • EMAIL THREE - Share the story of why you’re in insurance.
  • EMAIL FOUR - Share one of your client testimonials.
  • EMAIL FIVE - Ask them a simple question (we want a response).
  • EMAIL SIX - Ask for an appointment to help them.
  • EMAIL SEVEN - Ask them another simple question.
  • EMAIL EIGHT - Ask for an appointment to help them.
  • TEXT MESSAGE ​- Thank them for entering your giveaway, confirm their phone number is good (immediately)
  • TEXT MESSAGE - Request an appointment to talk to them (sent seven days after sign up)
You are notified right away, via text message and email, when a new prospect has entered your giveaway. 
We have also written out the text message scripts and phone call scripts to help you increase the number of giveaway entrants that turn into appointments!
We can also automate your text messages to the giveaway entries so that you don't have to do the manual work. Our system sets the appointments for you! Text message automation does not cost any extra, and you get all of the responses from your prospects.
We have you partnered with Eric Lofholm to bring you a one-of-a-kind training that walks you through setting up appointments with the leads generated from your Giveaway Funnel!

200 leads in 30 days (average)




The closing rate you have now for your appointments will match your success rate for these appointments from your Giveaway Funnel


200 leads in 30 days (average)

10%-20% of all entries turn into appointments

The closing rate you have now for your appointments will match your success rate for these appointments from your Giveaway Funnel

Arvee R, Irvine
“Work with the Branning Group because he delivers what he promises. Alex is so easy to work with, he listens, and he's so kind and so energetic. He loves what he does and it shows. He's good at it, he's efficient, and he's just a lot of fun to work with. He's got a team around him and they deliver exactly what they say, in a fast manner.”
Ok, I’m Interested… What Next?
When you hire us to build this turnkey lead generation engine, we will create your funnel, design your ads, and help you write your email sequence using our templates. The process takes approximately five business days, from start to finish, for us to have your Giveaway Funnel up and running!
Our one-time development fee is $500, and that includes everything! That fee includes the funnel, the ads and the automated follow-up sequence.

We recommend an ad spend of $10 - $15 per day, but you can scale that up as the contest starts to take off so that you can follow the momentum of your campaign to get even more appointments!

Our Facebook Ads will target your prospects by City, Zip Code, Age, and Income to attract only the best leads to your Giveaway Contest!
Sarah F, Reno
“I did not want to have to worry about the tech stuff... the Branning Group did it all for me! I followed their process, and implemented their system, and it worked!”
A successful giveaway funnel requires a great prize that people want to win. The best prizes are things that people really want, but will not buy for themselves. Examples of our most successful giveaways include a gift certificate to the mall, gift certificate to a local restaurant, tickets to a marquee event, or a "spa day". When you hire us to build your Giveaway Funnel, we will help you pick a prize!

We recommend running a giveaway that lasts for a month (30 days), and doing multiple giveaways back to back so that your audience expects them and learns to trust that you’re giving away these prizes!

If you’re the do-it-yourself kind of person, you can purchase our digital course, "The Giveaway Funnel System"Our course shows you step-by-step how to execute this strategy yourself. We've included the funnel, the ads, the email sequence and over-the-shoulder videos teaching you how to do it all!
Peter, Southern California
“Fortune is in the follow up! And you need to have the right expectations depending on what you are selling. I am a client of Alex Branning and my giveaway has generated over 300 leads in 17 days. Time to dial for dollars!”
The Cost Breakdown
$500 paid to the Branning Group to build the entire system, we handle all of the technical pieces and launch your ads for you (due today)
$10 - $15 per day, paid to Facebook for promoting the Giveaway (due at the end of the month, based on your billing threshold). Facebook bills at the end of each calendar month.
The value of your prize - we recommend $100 (buy it before delivering it to the winner, so due in 30 days)
How Long Will It Take?
We will have your entire marketing campaign live in a week from today
Your first lead will land in your inbox within hours of your ads being approved by Facebook (it works fast because people love to win free stuff!)
The leads are sent to your phone and email immediately, you can expect a notification within sixty seconds of the prospect submitting the form

Successful Giveaway Funnels 
We’ve Launched in the Past 3 Years


New Leads Each Giveaway 
Campaign You Run (average)


Days for Your Giveaway 
Campaign to be Active


Successful Giveaway Funnels 
We’ve Launched in the Past 3 Years

New Leads Each Giveaway 
Campaign You Run (average)

Days Before Your Giveaway 
Campaign is Live!

Bekki W, Spokane
“Work with Alex at the Branning Group because if you follow his teachings and advice, and implement his ideas and strategies, you are going to have success.”
Answers To Common Questions
  • DOES THIS FOLLOW COMPLIANCE LAWS?  Yes – We have been ensured that we are following all laws, both federal and state. 
  • ​HOW DO I KNOW WHEN PEOPLE ENTER? We will send you an email and text as soon as someone enters into the giveaway.
  • ​DO I NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CLICKFUNNELS OR FACEBOOK ADS? No. That's why we are here. We set everything up, manage it, and optimize the campaign ads as we go.
  • ​DOES THE GIVEAWAY FUNNEL WORK FOR MY INSURANCE PRODUCT? We have successfully run Giveaway Funnel Marketing Campaigns for Auto, Home, Health, Medicare, Medi-Share, Live, and Final Expense Insurance. 
Elgin W, Los Angeles
“Work with the Branning Group because they have a very high-quality product. They are high integrity people and deliver on any and all promises that they make to you. Alex’s systems have worked better for me than other people have. He is cost effective but produces at a high level. The investments and/or cost that we have used with the Branning Group have been minimal for the rate that they have produced for us."
The Giveaway Funnel Marketing Campaign Works to Generate Leads For…
  • Auto Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • ​Medicare
  • ​Home Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • ​Final Expense
  • ​Burial Insurance
  • ​Annuities
and more!
Tim M, San Diego
“Work with the Branning Group because if you're not, you're just gonna be a couple of steps behind of what's to come in the future with email marketing and social media.”
What Does It Look Like?
Here’s some screenshots from a recent giveaway campaign that we ran for Karlo, a client in Southern California. Here is the landing page that introduces the contest, and our client:
After they entered their contact information 
in on the landing page (above), they were taken to the survey page where they answer the questions so they can self-qualify themselves as a good lead (see below):
When they were done answering the questions
they were taken to the final step of the funnel where they can share the contest (and double their chances to win). We can also add information to this page so that your prospects can schedule an appointment right away! 
See an example of the Thank You page below:
Oliver, Pennsylvania
“I will vouch for Alex this system. It works! He delivered exactly what he says in this ad. If you have a decent follow up system. You can't lose money. It's nearly impossible.”
Do you have questions before getting started?
You can setup a free strategy session phone call with a Branning Group team member so that we can answer your questions before you get started.
Alex, Hawaii
“The experience was more than I could of asked for. Your team did a great job, and I would recommend this product to anyone. Now I'm going through the phone interview process with my manager, and I have a lot of prospects to call. Once again thank you!”
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