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Auto Insurance ■ Health Insurance ​
Medicare ​■ Home Insurance
Life Insurance ■ ​Final Expense
Burial Insurance ​■ Annuities 
Auto Insurance ■ Health Insurance ​ ■  Medicare ​■ Home Insurance
Life Insurance ■ ​Final Expense ■  Burial Insurance ​■ Annuities 
Oliver C, 
“You deliver what you say. I saw 7X ROI. You're gonna have to weed through people more interested in your gift than your product, but it works!”

As the marketing consultant for hundreds of insurance agents across America, I can confidently tell you three things about generating insurance leads online:
  • Your ideal prospect did not log on to Facebook or Instagram to learn about insurance today.
  • The leads you’re buying from brokers are not excited to be called by (yet another) insurance agent.
  • Buying clicks on Google is getting more and more expensive as “The Big Guys” continue moving their budgets around.
In a brainstorming meeting with a client I had a breakthrough idea that would forever change his business… it’s called the Giveaway Funnel
Here’s a short video demonstrating our famous marketing strategy:
Karlo S, San Diego
"I've been using Alex Branning and his team for online marketing and I gotta say I am really happy with their work so far to generate quality leads for my business. I can tell you confidently this strategy works. I’ve only been doing this since Friday and I already have 126 leads with 11 pre-qualified that want a free life insurance quote. You add in the automated emails and you have a lead generation system folks. I will be doing this every month. Why not? I’ve been in this industry for 14 years and it was time I graduated to the 21st century for marketing strategies. The customer service that Alex and his team bring to the table are exceptional!!"
What is The Giveaway Funnel
The Giveaway Funnel uses the Facebook Ad (and Instagram) platform to deliver an offer to your ideal prospect (we can get really specific on who sees this ad… more on that later). The offer is a chance to win a really cool prize!

When your prospect clicks on the ad, we take them to a landing page where we share the information about the contest and encourage them to enter their contact information for a chance to win. All of the details are clearly spelled out, including the value of the prize and the day we’ll be picking a random winner.

After they enter their contact information, we take them to a page where we ask some short yes/no survey questions to determine if they’re a good lead for the insurance product you’re focusing on for this campaign.
On the third and final step of this funnel, we offer the entrant a chance to double their chances to win by sharing the contest to their friends AND we offer them an easy way to schedule an appointment with you so they can discuss the insurance product you were asking them questions about.

The entire process takes about 30 seconds for the entrant to fill out all of the information and complete the process.
The Giveaway Funnel Marketing Campaign Works to Generate Leads For…
  • Auto Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • ​Medicare
  • ​Home Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • ​Final Expense
  • ​Burial Insurance
  • ​Annuities
and more!
Tim M, San Diego
“Work with the Branning Group because if you're not, you're just gonna be a couple of steps behind of what's to come in the future with email marketing and social media.”
What Does It Look Like?
Here’s some screenshots from a recent giveaway campaign that we ran for AJ, a client in Southern California. Here's what the ad looks like that drives traffic to the funnel:
Here is the landing page that introduces the contest, and our client:
After they entered their contact information 
in on the landing page (above), they were taken to the survey page where they answer the questions so they can self-qualify themselves as a good lead (see below):
When they were done answering the questions
they were taken to the final step of the funnel where they can share the contest with their friends and family. We can also add information to this page so that your prospects can schedule an appointment right away! 
See an example of the Confirmation page below:
...and a real-life example of the leads that come in from a single day of running the Giveaway (note the "YES" - hot leads!)
Alex, Hawaii
“The experience was more than I could of asked for. Your team did a great job, and I would recommend this product to anyone. Now I'm going through the phone interview process with my manager, and I have a lot of prospects to call. Once again thank you!”
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