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Your nEXT BUYER is scrolling through Facebook right now

and they match one of these criteria:

1) They know what they need and they are researching their options


2) They know what they need but they are not taking action... yet


3) The prospect that doesn’t know you or how you can help them yet


1) They know what they need and they are researching their options

2) They know what they need but they are not taking action... yet

3) The prospect that doesn’t know you or how you can help them yet

Do you know the problem with most Facebook ad campaigns, and why they fail so miserably (and end up costing so much money)?

They only focus on the first “bucket” of leads...

which is what everyone else is targeting with your offer!

You need an advertising campaign that fills your pipeline with prospects, puts you on the phone with hot leads and helps you nurture your new contacts. 

What You Need is the “Giveaway Funnel” 

It’s my world-famous marketing campaign that has been used by thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide and got me featured by Dan Kennedy’s “What’s Working Now” newsletter.

The Giveaway Funnel builds a customer base for you...

By attracting your ideal clients using a clever
offer that makes you stand out from the competition.

"My husband and I write 14-20 policies a week using the Giveaway Funnel. We found the survey questions to be the secret. We ran a Mercedes-Benz Club giveaway and received all high-dollar clients from that. Several were millionaires who we ended up getting good annuities out of. We were skeptical, but it has worked wonders."
- Melissa Freeman, Giveaway Funnel Client

Can the Giveaway Funnel work for you?

If your ideal prospect can be targeted on Facebook (I.e. parents of teenagers, local homeowners, or a high-end investor) then YES the Giveaway Funnel can work for you.

If you have a customer list of your best clients, then YES the Giveaway Funnel can work for you – we will target people that are similar to your best clients, it’s called a “look-a-like" audience.

If your business also provides an opportunity to join your team, by either signing up for your business opportunity or being hired by you, then YES the Giveaway Funnel can work for you!

HOW does it work?


FEATURED By These Publications

Why Will the Giveaway Funnel Work for you (WHEN OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS HAVE NOT)?

A social media ad campaign is an INTERRUPTION campaign – your ad is showing up and it’s “interrupting” their user experience by appearing on their timeline or in their video.

Your prospect did not get on Facebook or Instagram to buy insurance, or get a quote, or schedule an appointment for your service. They got on Facebook to escape, and have fun.

That’s why the Giveaway Funnel works so well!

The Giveaway Funnel uses the Facebook Advertising Machine to put your ad in front of your target prospect and attract them into your database.

Each person that enters in to win your Giveaway Funnel is exclusively your lead you are not sharing this lead with anyone else!

You now have an opportunity (and their permission) to email, call and even text them with information about how you can help them.

Are you ready to get started on your Giveaway Funnel?!

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Adi runs a team of professional appointment setters, and in her experience Giveaway Funnel leads convert! Here's what she had to say...


"I can tell you confidently this strategy works. I’ve only been doing this since Friday and I already have 126 leads with 11 pre-qualified that want a free quote. You add in the automated emails and you have a lead generation system folks. I will be doing this every month."
Karlo, California
“The experience was more than I could of asked for. Your team did a great job, and I would recommend this product to anyone. Now I'm going through the phone interview process with my manager, and I have a lot of prospects to call. Once again thank you!”
Alex, Hawaii
“Work with the Branning Group because if you're not, you're just gonna be a couple of steps behind of what's to come in the future with email marketing and social media.”
Tim, California

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